Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Millions freed

Bill at INDC took a long blog nap that he's slowly waking up from and I'm so glad. After he gets past his "moment of editorial disgust," he brings us to rosenblog, who gives us some statistical perspective on military deaths, and then has this to say,
Today the news-hungry media reports each death in an agonizing, repetitive fashion. One learns of a death in the morning newspapers, hears about it on radio on the way to work, sees it on CNN during lunch time, and the cycle repeats itself for few more hours in the evening, capped by a special on Nightline. The effect is that the impact of each death is sensationally and numbingly magnified without any reference to the contexts, such as toppling a murderous dictatorship, defeating a sponsor of terrorism and bringing freedom to an oppressed people.
My my my bold. I guess that means I wholeheartedly agree with rosenblog and I think he put it very nicely.


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