Friday, October 21, 2005


An allegedly happy day at school. Nah, it couldn't have been fun, I say. Yes, Mom! It was fun! I love school!

This is interesting to hear since I generally hear I don't want to go to school! It's too hard! What's hard, I ask? The paperwork, she says. Hmm...we'll need further investigation.

But that's about as deep as it gets. She doesn't fuss about going to school, just generally says she doesn't want to, though she seems happy enough.

And then the dagger (scroll to botton): Chloe says she doesn't want to play with me anymore. She says she won't come over to my house anymore.

She doesn't look hurt as she recants these events, just confused. The hurt, I suppose recall will come later. Are you being nice to Chloe? Yes. Are you sure? Ye-es. Have you ever told her you don't want to play with her? No. (This is at odds with what her teacher, Miss Julie told me in a phone conversation. The conversation was not about her relationship with Chloe, but it came up.)

Well then, if you're sure you're being nice to her, and she still doesn't want to play with you, then don't play with her. This is a problem with Chloe, not you.

There. That was a nice satisfying reply. Anything else troubling you?

But I want to play with Chloe.

Ah. Well. If you're being a nice little girl, there's no reason for Chloe to not want to play with you, unless she's not being nice, and you don't want to play with someone who's not nice, do you?



How on earth do I know if I've told her the right thing? I should have at least added, anyone in their right mind would want to play with you because you are super-duper special terrific! Which I wholeheartedly believe, but even a four-year-old can sense an over-the-top mom answer.

Ah--think I'll go back to school for a master's in momming. Until then, I'll keep winging it.


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