Thursday, October 13, 2005

There oughtta be a law!

You would think that going to bed late would produce the need to sleep in for a toddler, wouldn't you? You'd be WRONG. Brendan has not only been waking up earlier in general, he woke up at the painful hour of 5:30 this morning. He doesn't so much wake up, actually, as he just cries out his heart in his sleep. My rule is that should this occur prior to 6:00, it is to be ignored until he falls back into a deeper sleep. This morning it took him a very long time to fall back asleep, and when he did, he repeated the whole thing over again just before 6:30. So it was up and at 'em early for me as is fast becoming the usual.

I'd hoped the pre-dawn hours of babyhood were over, but they're indeed back just in time to get me ready for getting his older sister ready for elementary school next year, which I assume will also be in the pre-dawn hours.

We seem to be relatviely healthy here, so I cancelled a playdate for Emma because her friend's family had the big bad stomach bug this week, and though she didn't catch it, I couldn't risk sick kids on a weekend cabin-camping trip. Emma is so looking forward to it. I want it to go just right. Sigh. Major guilt, but I had to take pre-emptive action to keep everybody well.

More if time allows. If time does not allow, I'll see ya next week.


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