Monday, October 17, 2005


Jonah Goldberg hunts down a WaPo piece on Nexis--not the web--and wants someone from the Republican Party to send Dean a thank-you note:

"The DNC has identified four critical segments of the U.S. electorate," this attendee wrote. "1. Merlot Democrats: We are the base."

Dean mentioned three other categories in this talk: "Patriotic Democrats," who often leave the party because of the Republican emphasis on moral values and the war on terrorism; "Regular Republicans," which is the other party's base; and "Backlash Republicans" who are troubled by the direction of the country and would, perhaps, vote Democratic.

No mention was made of other political subsets, such as "Dewar's Libertarians" and "Organic Syrah Greens."
Is chardonnay too twentieth century?


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