Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Expiration date 11/29/05

The John M. Olin foundation closes tomorrow forever:
What did the foundation do? After becoming its president in 1977, Mr. Simon called for the creation of a "counterintelligentsia" to balance what he saw as the liberal dominance of the universities, the news media, nonprofit organizations and government bureaucracies. The Olin Foundation and other right-leaning philanthropies - particularly the Bradley, Scaife and Smith Richardson Foundations - provided a pool of venture capital that helped build a network of research institutions, academic fellowships and highbrow journals for the conservative movement. If it is something of a cliché these days to suggest that conservatives are winning the war of ideas, much of the credit belongs to these grant makers.
I had never heard of it until earlier this year. But liberal dominance sounds about right to me. I learned all kinds of liberal pro-choice arguments in a philosophy class my sophomore year at The University of Texas. I believe we spent a good deal of time on it. One of the arguments compared a fetus to a thief who had broken into a woman's house even though she had put bars on her windows.

Anyway, speaking of abortion, I understand some of the math in Freakonomics is being challenged in regard to the decline in crime with the rise in the number of abortions. I'm going to read that book as soon as my friend Colleen remembers to loan it to me.

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