Sunday, November 13, 2005

If I'm not blogging I must be happy

If I'm not blogging than then [Ed.--Good grief!] I must be happily doing something else! Today it was a well-deserved three hours of uninterrupted Christmas shopping (by myself). Funny how things change. Before children I probably would have preferred some company, but these days I'll grab every moment I can.

I've just about finished for Emma and the little guy. There will of course be the mad rush on December 23 when the did-I-get-enough for them worries will emerge and push me to buy all kinds of useless bright-colored, dust-collecting plastic objects that I'll be cursing about come late January after picking them up for umpteenth million time. In fact, I'm mad already! All I do is pick junk up all day! Why, when I was my daughter's age--come closer, deary, so I don't have to shout--I had two stuffed animals to sleep with (actually neither were animals--one was a sun, the other an egg) and the same bucket of army men that my older brothers played with. My kids have an entire toy store in my house--one, some times two of each item.

Our little guy has his first diaper rash, and alas, he's not holding up well through it. I recall his sister withstanding all kinds of diaper rash torment and teething pain when she was still a baby with nary a whimper, but Super B., he fusses, cries, clings to the first parent that picks him up and refuses the other.

Emma is to be flower girl in her uncle's wedding three weeks from now. After thinking it over this summer, she's changed her mind and decided not to do it. Unfortunately, I told her, she has a no-cancellation clause in her contract after the dress has been bought. She still doesn't understand, but I have the paperwork with her giant backward 'E' on it, and I will call a lawyer if need be.

Besides, I told her, you'll be just like the flower girl in the book, "Barbie Loves Weddings." A look of understanding, recognition, excitement. She gets it now. And a few moments later, "Mom, I don't want to be flower girl."

If it weren't for some fifty cent clips, Gene would be finished replacing the brake pads on his car. As it stands, the fifty cent clips need to be special ordered and should arrive Tuesday. More pressing his luck with Vegas.

(Later.) Teacher's birthday card has been made, complete with a school photo; the children have had their fill of cartoons and my kitchen is bare of some morning essentials, so I'm off for a quick errand. Maybe a cup of coffee first. In any case, thanks for checking in on me. It's been a great weekend.

Update: I'm trying to use the photo feature, but it's not working. I'll try again later!


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