Sunday, December 04, 2005

Good night

Well, the children are fed to the best of our abilities, the kitchen is cleaned, except for the stains of coffee, fruit punch gatorade and all that the baby has eaten in the last week on the floor under the table. What could be swept away has been.

Got Bing crooning through the speakers, the wreath hung and the lights strung. We are Christmas a-go-go. The tree comes next weekend, after the birthdays. Not a lot of blogging this weekend and not a lot next week, but all for good healthy reasons. We'll be off to South Texas for a family wedding and returning Sunday, bums sore and moods, patient, I hope, after an eight-hour trip.

I'm off to join the family in the living room. The fire is lit and the Christmas books are brought down from the attic--a whole new world to explore tonight. See ya.


Dad: A snowman--yes! What else can you make out of snow?

Daughter: Uh ...a snow deer!

Cracked me up.


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