Friday, December 02, 2005


I'm too busy to sit down and watch, let alone too tight to purchase, these Wal-mart documentaries talked about in the blogosphere. Why Wal*Mart Works and why that makes some people C-R-A-Z-Y! (2005) and it's nemesis Wal-mart - The High Cost of Low Price (2005). But that doesn't mean I'm not going to weigh in!

Via Byron York Democratic Leadership Council's Ed Kilgore who writes,
In the southern small-town, rural and exurban communities I know best, and among the low-to-moderate income "working family" voters Democrats most need to re-attract, Wal-Mart is considered pretty damn near sacrosanct. And if Democrats decide to tell these voters they can't be good progressives and shop at Wal-Mart, we will lose these people for a long, long time.

Maybe it's different in...other parts of the country, but probably not too widely. And I defy you to find a credible political strategist in states with a big Wal-Mart presence who will tell you otherwise.

If you think we've been damaged as a party by culturally conservative working-class perceptions of us as people who want to take their guns away, you ain't seen nothing yet if we become perceived as the party that wants to take Wal-Mart away. Indeed, it's the one thing we could do, other than espousing actual racism, that might finally give Republicans a breakthrough among minority voters, who heavily shop at Wal-Mart where the option's available.
I'd say that's about right. When my brother and I traveled the states back in the nineties, in his '77 rusted-out Datsun, we never passed a Wal-mart, stopped at everyone. It's a good, familiar spot for the weary traveler to find cheap needed items.

Now an old, middle-aged mom, I choose Target over Wal-mart given the opportunity, mostly for the aesthetic quality that a reader to Instapundit points out. Their aisles are much narrower and jammed full compared to Target. I go to Wal-mart eager to leave before I've purchased what I came for, but I leave Target, after having purchased things I didn't come for.

But when I'm visiting relatives in the more rural sections of Texas, baby Wal-mart is the place to go! There is a smaller grocery store in Jourdanton, but my husband's aunt recently bought some bad meat there and has switched to the only competition in town--Wal-mart. After church on a Sunday--that seems to be a busy time for them.


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