Sunday, July 31, 2005

It looks as though archiving is going to be an unbearably slow process, esp. those posts with pictures, a painful tedium.

Perhaps I'll take a break from thinking about it and organize another closet. Anyone out there with knowledge of hauling archives over to a new blogspot, please write.

Saturday, July 30, 2005

Uzbekistan "has ended its agreement allowing U.S. military aircraft and personnel to use an air base that has been an important hub for American military operations in Afghanistan, administration officials said Saturday," according to the Guardian.

These two maps help.
Pat Act Cont'd.:

From WaPo:
The reconsideration of the Patriot Act was prompted by language in the original law that requires 16 provisions to expire at the end of this year unless renewed by Congress.

They include one measure that allows the FBI to seize records from financial companies, libraries, doctors' offices and other businesses with approval from the secret Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, and another that permits "roving wiretaps" that apply to a person rather than a phone number.

The House bill extends those two provisions for 10 years, but the Senate version limits them to four years unless renewed by Congress again.

Emphasis added. I haven't read the provision in question for a long while, but as with libraries, I don't remember it specifically noting doctors' offices. That's an interesting and scary way for the reporter to illustrate the point.

The Senate legislation would tighten the requirements that must be met in order to seize business records, allow people to challenge warrants issued by the secret intelligence court, and require that the subjects of secret searches be notified within seven days unless an extension is approved by a judge.
That is all.

Friday, July 29, 2005

I'm currently trying to figure out why blogger won't update my newly edited profile. After seeing it on the page, I trimmed it down a bit. Perhaps it will update later today.

In the meantime, the series that inspired this movie, will be airing on the Sci Fi channel today at 5:00. We are recording it. My sister-in-law hipped us to Firefly, which ran for one or two seasons on Fox. She bought the series on DVD. From what I've seen so far, it's really good science fiction. I highly recommend.

Update: Blogger has updated my profile, but I still might change it a bit. This is rather like moving into a new home and figuring out where to place the furniture.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Gasp! It's good to be back, if only just to say that. Hello World Wide Web! I'm Nancy Matocha, aka Bystander, formerly Nancy Catmull, aka Bystander. Yes, I got married (six years ago) and then five-and-a-half years later changed my name, and got tricked into dropping my maiden (sound archaic, doesn't it?) name.

Oh, it was all about waiting in line at the Social Security office with two well-behaved--yet energetic--children, and then finally having my turn. The woman behind the desk and the plexi-glass cautioned I must learn to sign my name Nancy C., instead of Nancy L. as I was used to, and there was a look of grave consternation in her eyes, and there were other people waiting, and I asked could I have it Nancy Lee Catmull Matocha and she countered, "You want it hyphenated then?"

"No!" I panicked. "I'll take Nancy L. Matocha then." I was deflated and still am. I vow to change it again and get back the name I was born with, while keeping the name I chose, but keeping out the hyphen. There must be a way. Must be.

In the weeks ahead, I'll be learning about blogger, my new host, haul my archives over here and put up my usual links in the blogroll, with perhaps, a few new ones. I'll miss you Tech Support, but we'll always have the kitchen, the family room, the bedroom and front and back yards, and occasionally a bumping-into-each-other in the children's rooms. Thanks for all your help.

In some ways it was nice to be away from blogging for a while; in others, not so good. They keyboard in my mind never stops clicking. All the good ideas slip away anyway, like a dream you remember vividly upon waking and let fade out of sight even though you promised yourself you'd remember. I missed the release of trying to recreate a good thought.

So, here am I sitting pretty and hope to run across something good to post tomorrow. In the meantime, I emailed this to my husband hoping it would help him answer life's most important question. Here's my favorite passage:

You should act as though you are a candidate running for the office of husband or boyfriend, and that “do I look fat?” is being asked by a reporter who is out to get you. Your one task is to stay on a single, simple campaign theme: “You are beautiful in both spirit and body, and every day I strive to remain worthy of your love.” Therefore, don’t answer any question directly at all. Do not say “yes” or “no.” No matter how much you are goaded, stay on message.