Saturday, January 28, 2006

The Perot factor

Ross Perot and his followers were credited with putting Bill Clinton in office. Will the liberal wing of the Democratic party put a Republican in office after Bush's term?

Democrats are getting an early glimpse of an intraparty rift that could complicate efforts to win back the White House: fiery liberals raising their voices on Web sites and in interest groups vs. elected officials trying to appeal to a much broader audience.

These activists -- spearheaded by battle-ready bloggers and making their influence felt through relentless e-mail campaigns -- have denounced what they regard as a flaccid Democratic response to the Supreme Court fight, President Bush's upcoming State of the Union address and the Iraq war. In every case, they have portrayed party leaders as gutless sellouts.

I'll have no doubt forgotten this post by election '08, so please remind me of it then. Especially if my concerns prove correct!

Update: Just One Minute has more, noting that:

the DLC was formed twenty years ago in an attempt to drag the party to the center. How's it going? I would guess that blogs and the internet have made the unelectable left even better organized and harder to work around; the days when a candidate could tell Barbra Streisand what she wanted to hear, pocket her check, then tell the public something that made sense are long over.
We'll see.


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