Monday, February 06, 2006

Forget Alec Baldwin! (or Aaaaaand ...ACTION!)

Participant Productions, makers of Syriana, North Country, and Good Night, and Good Luck, movies about terrorism (the CIA version, I'm told), sexual harrassment (the male version obviously) and journalism (the Edward R. Murrow smacking down Eugene McCarthy version) make their movies to entertain, but" also [to] create awareness of the real issues that shape our lives." Below each synopsis of the movie is a link that invites you to "take action." They even have contests for students who write articles on their action taken.

Why won't people just use the traditional methods of political process? Seems fairer. Other genres manipulate with music, writing, camera work. I prefer the straight-up method of political discourse.


PS I haven't seen any of the above movies.

PPS George Clooney stars in Syriana and directs Good Night, and Good Luck.


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