Friday, February 10, 2006

Party update

The pre-school Valentine's Day party is not until Monday, but today I pick up donated items. I brought the promised box this morning to leave outside the classroom door for parents to drop off their sweets and treats. The flaw in my plan was revealed this morning: people don't read, and when they do, they don't pay close attention.

Apparently, many parents have been dropping off their items all week long with the teacher instead of waiting for my box this morning, which was expressly written about in the sign-up sheet.

We have drama, but the tension is mild. The head teacher is home with a sick child today and the assistant teacher doesn't know where she put the plates that are to be used for the cupcakes. Solution: I'll bring some cheapo paper plates I keep around the house in the event that said holiday plates are not found by Monday and send a note home with that parent's child about following instructions! Signed, the manager.

Meanwhile, I'm thinking about buying a big tub of popcorn, getting out a collapsible lawn chair and parking myself in the greeting cards section or florist department of my local Tom Thumb this Tuesday around 5:30. Watching a crowd of frantic husbands search for the perfect card and grab a bouquet of wilting carnations in their rush to get home sounds like a delightful way to spend this manufactured holiday.

Oh, aren't I so above the fray? Of course if my husband is in that crowd, his Valentine may be delivered with an airborne tub of popcorn from across the store, at at least 20 miles per hour. I've been working out, you know.


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