Wednesday, February 22, 2006

U.A.E port thing

I don't think this is a good issue for the Democrats to grab a hold of because liberals like to identify themselves as being color blind. To my knowledge thus far, nobody has given any reason why the U.A.E. shouldn't be trusted to manage American ports, other than they're Arab, and the MSM isn't helping their cause by repeating over and over again that two 9/11 terrorists came from the U.A.E.

Well, two Oklahoma City bombers came from the U.S.A. Also, I have some recollection of the U.A.E. being a solid partner in the War on Terror. Austin Bay and Jim Dunnigan will have something to say about that later.

Update: Lileks:
It’s possible that the Administration did some quiet polling, and asked the question “How much Arab control over American ports are you comfortable with,” and misinterpreted stunned silence as assent. It’s possible the Administration believed that this would be seen as outreach, an act of faith to solidify a Key Ally, and didn’t think there’d be much hubbub – but if that’s the case, it’s the best example of the Bubble Theory I’ve heard, and I’ve not heard much convincing evidence. Until now. The average American’s reaction to handing port control over to the UAE is instinctively negative, and for good reason. There are two basic reactions: We can’t do this ourselves? and We should trust them, why?
This makes me above or below average so far. Now, Lileks - he my man. Still, I'm unpersuaded. Why not outsource this port stuff to other countries? We outsourced it to the British afterall. I'm looking forward to learning more about this.


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