Friday, February 10, 2006

Valentine party update (Mutiny!)

Madeleine's mom* informed me that she would bring the juice boxes on Monday, the actual party day. "That way," she said, "I can bring them in cold."

First of all one does not inform one's manager that she is changing plans - one asks. Second, when she brings them, where will she put them - in the kitchen or in the classroom? I have a managerially compulsive need to know. Third, I will now worry (though not too much) all weekend that she will not show up with the promised goods. Finally, I do not think I'll back her up by bringing my own juice boxes because that seems excessive. Still, lack of overly sugared beverages at a manufactured holiday party will reflect poorly on the manager should that situation arise.

Back to the lab to formulate a plan on how to get the people of Flower Mound to bow down before me.

*None of us have names - we only have our children's names to go by.


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