Monday, February 06, 2006

You've taken the summer out of me! (or Dad's revenge)

There are certain advantages growing up in a family with six kids. Chief among them is not being noticed at the dinner table when an accounting of lima beans and radishes is being taken by your parents.

My daughter does not have this advantage with one brother only. Tonight for dinner, I served leftover beef and wild mushroom stew, which even her toddler brother didn't like as a re-run. In a probable attempt to distract Dad from his eating habits this evening, he "accidentally" spilled a full glass of milk. Well, we can only assume since he's not yet two.

She, however, jaw thrust forward, eyebrows furrowed, was not so lucky, and was force-fed five unwanted bites of what I thought was a pretty tastey stew. Unfortunately for her, she made the tactical error of drinking her milk and eating her piece of bread first, thereby having nothing to wash down or buffer the taste of the dreaded beef.

After her second forkful, she blurted out, "You've taken the summer out of me!" Now, where did she hear that, I wondered? She claims to have made it up herself. If that's true, I have a lifetime ahead of me of very literary descriptions on how my cooking is a torture to her. Yippee.

And, oh yeah, Dad - I can tell if there are lima beans in my bite of green beans. Fortunately, since not even my husband likes them, I won't have to run that taste test on my kids, though there will be other tests, I'm sure.


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