Sunday, March 26, 2006

Fear of Jong

One of the things I'll miss about my gym is the comraderie of my instructors and the conversation it brings to the regulars. A lot of smutty talk, basically.

Once on a bike next to my instructor, we were talking about something and she mentioned, Fear of Flying, and I asked, "What's that about?" She was shocked I'd never read Erica Jong's "feminist manifesto."

"I'm just not into non-fiction," I said weakly. And that's one reason, among others, that I won't be reading her newly released book, Seducing the Demon: Writing for My Life.

As is written in today's Washington Post, " not everyone gets Jong and her particular brand of brash and bawdy honesty. She is alternately viewed as the patron saint of feminine sexual autonomy and the poster girl for runaway self-absorption."

I think I belong in the latter group. Not fair to write, without reading her any of her books -- I'm sure she was a very successful sexual partner, but with four marriages, and breaking up her college roommate's marriage (Martha Stewart), her sexual life must have run rampant over her non-sexual life.

But she's got new advice for feminists today: mentorship. "It's about taking the next generation by the hand and escorting it into the future."

Hmmm...think I'll take along some hand sanitizer on that walk.


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