Sunday, March 26, 2006

Lazy Muncie

This video is making the rounds, as it should. It's a hilarious rap song made by two TV writers, at least one of whom grew up in Muncie, Indianna. Caution: F-word used twice (in rapid succesion), otherwise pretty clean and there's a cameo by the Garfield cartoonist.

Watch the video and consider not only what technology in the hands of individuals will do to empower people, but how it may change movies and television shows. Notice the one long shot in the beginning of Chris and Kirby's dialogue. They made this with one camera. No budget for a three-camera production and probably no time to direct that anyway, and still, it's an entertaining piece, which relies on solid acting, just like in the early days of television and movies. Let's see if we go back there. (Via Kausfiles.)


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