Tuesday, April 18, 2006

...and now the award for revealing top secret information during war time goes to...

James Risen of The New York Times!

Hold your applause, please people. The award for diminishing the Pulitzer awards by at least 20%...goes to...

The Pulitzer Committee! For giving the award for criticism to a fashion writer.

This is not really related to the above, but I'm thinking of organizing a rally of political moderates, thousands of us -- hundreds of thousands! Be afraid, you radicals of the left and right, we're going to be doing a lot of shoulder shrugging and vacillating, so be very, very afraid. Topics of discussion will include:
  • Well, he says one thing, but he says another.
  • I don't know--what do you think?
  • Gosh, she seems upset, and
  • Sigh, I just wish this would all blow over
We'll carry signs! We'll hand out flyers! Nothing will stop us!

Added: My husband thought I sounded like I was making fun of the indecisiveness of the moderate middle. My intention was to illustrate the exasperation of moderates in this very highly polarized political world.


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