Sunday, April 23, 2006

Dada, the kids, Rush and my politics

Dada's gone bye-bye for a few days, so who knows what's in store? I'm hoping a tight schedule will help us get through, but I'm thinking of pulling their bedtimes back to 6:30 for a little me time. That's right, kids, just clear your plates and go straight to bed.

"Me time." I wonder if hearing the words makes old people laugh. Seems a concoction of the 1970's generation and a gimmick for selling women's magazines. Truth is, sometimes I have too much me time and no way to fill it. That's when moms get crazy.

Last week on DH*, Gabriel was nudged out of bed by her husband at some ungodly hour to take care of their wailing newly-adopted infant. She begged him to get up instead, but he refused because he had an interview in the morning and besides, he said, she could nap when the baby naps.

What, she asked, every forty minutes?

Funny to me, at least, but it's true. To have children is to give yourself over to their schedule. Stick to the schedule for eating, sleeping, napping and playtime and they stay pretty happy. Happy kids make for happy parents.

Although. A little adult company would be nice too. Last week my friend who works in advertising sent me an invitation to see Rush Limbaugh speak next month and have drinks afterwards. She'd gotten the invitation through a client. And boy, I thought, dress, shoes, cocktails, adults! I'm not really a fan of Rush, but think of the dress, shoes, cocktails, adults!

She's no fan of him either. In fact, I suspect she'd be miserable at one of his shows considering her politics, which she thinks are opposite mine. Her email noted she was inviting me because I'm the only conservative friend she has.

[Excellent! The pearls are working. It's all going according to plan!]

This cracked up a friend of mine from New York who wondered how well we really know each other. Pretty well, I think, though I turned down this invitation. Far be it from me to drag her into the cauldron of evil so I can have a night out without the kids.

She then offered me a free ticket to a preview of Mission Impossible III. See there? Play your cards right and even if you don't get to talk to adults, you get to watch them goof around on the big screen.

As to what my politics really are ...I like to keep 'em guessing.

* What -- you don't watch Desperate Housewives?


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