Wednesday, June 21, 2006

A few morsels

Transcript of Hoekstra/Santorum press conference at Instapundit:

QUESTION: My question was, number one, if the statement -- you quoted those senators at the outset who say there were no weapons of mass destruction. You're saying here's a document that establishes that in fact there were.

Why is the Bush administration, why is Secretary Rumsfeld or President Bush not holding a press conference a high noon to say, Look, this makes the case that we've been trying to -- we were making for three years...

SANTORUM: I think that's a question you have to ask them. It's certainly a question that we have asked them. You'd have to ask them that question.


SANTORUM: Just recall -- the Duelfer report said there were no stockpiles. And I remember when the report came out. The whole mood was: There was no WMD at the time we went into Iraq.

And you hear three United States senators today saying there was no WMD. So I don't know -- maybe it's not news to you, but I think it's news to at least those three senators and a lot more and I think to most of the American public who believed that there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq at the time we went into Iraq. [My italics].


HOEKSTRA: Over two months. And, you know, neither one of the intelligence committees, as far as I can tell, were notified of the existence of the report. It just says, you ought to ask the question.

We always ask the question of the intelligence community: What is it that we don't know?

And sometimes we go through a process which we call 20 questions. You don't get the information that you want or you believe that the intelligence committees are entitled to until you've asked 20 questions and you finally get to asking the right question in exactly the right way. [My italics].

Egads. Well, Captain Ed asks,
So why keep this quiet? Perhaps CENTCOM did not want to tip the AQ-I forces to their continued existence. Another explanation may have been that some of this got captured through active intel sources that would have blown continuing operations. Obviously the Intelligence Committee felt that the need for secrecy had passed.


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