Thursday, June 22, 2006


The Santorum/Hoekstra WMD announcement was definitely in a late press conference yesterday -- about 5:30 EDT, but I'm not even seeing an AP version of it in the WSJ, WaPo or NYT's.

I get that these are pre-1991 munitions, not what the government had in mind when it searched for WMD, but to me that's a big story too. What we thought was there, wasn't, but we didn't know what was there, was. Plus Hoekstra and Santorum seem eager to get the rest of the report declassified so the American public can see it in context, but that hasn't happened yet.

The press conference was held at 5:30 EDT -- too late for print journalists? Even the AP? Or is this an example of "stories that donÂ?t get covered at all because of the unexamined assumptions of those who decide [what] even counts as news," that Cathy Seipp wrote about the other day?


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