Saturday, June 24, 2006

Identity theft update

I need to get to the grocery store, fix lunch and then do some whirlwind housekeeping before my inlaws return with our daughter, but first I thought I'd update you on my identity theft.

Do you exist? Are you sure? Can you prove your existence? I'm having difficulty proving mine. Some creep in Middletown, New York only needed my social security number to rack up about $1000 in charges in my name. To clear my good name, I need three forms of proof that show I lived where I lived during the disputed time period Nov., '05 through Feb., '06.

The choices listed in the Frontier Communications fraud packet are as follows:
  • Copy of utility bill(s) and/or telephone bill(s) in your name showing different address for the time period of fraudulent billing.
  • Copy of your drivers license showing different address for time period of billing.
  • Copy of rental/lease agreement in your name showing different address during time noted.
  • Notarized statement from township or courthouse stating your residency at different address during billing period.
  • Notarized statement from employer stating time of your employment and your home address during the billing period.
  • Notarized statement from landlord stating your residency at different address during the billing period.
  • official document from your postmaster stating different address during billing period.
  • Notarized or official document verifying institutionalization, military assignment, hospitalization etc. during billing period.
All the bills are in my husband's name. We do not rent or lease -- we own. I visited my town hall and municipal courthouse, and I called the county courthouse and J.P. courthouse and none are in the business of providing such documents. I'm an at-home mom, so no employer letter is possible. I have no landlord because I own my home. I visited my post office and called their consumer affairs department and they cannot help me as they don't have records of names tied to addresses.

I have not yet been institutionalized (but it won't be long!)

A gal named Tiffany at the town hall utility department suggested I get my husband to fill out a form to put my name on the account. Once they enter me into the computer, they can print out records and both our names will appear on the records.

After that, I'll only need one more form of proof that I exist. A gal at the J.P., suggested tax records, which sounds smart to me. I'll have to call Tony at Frontier to see if she'll approve, then I'll have to call the Denton County to see if they'll release them, as I don't save our statements, and then, perhaps I'll come back into existence. But for now, if a blogger without identity posts on the internet, does anyone read what she's written?


PS Updates below -- tinfoil hat securely on!


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