Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Unconventional wisdom

Slate has invited comment from Jonah Goldberg who writes that Slate thinks it's not a liberal voice, but a contrarian voice.
Slate's critic at large began an article recently, "David Brooks is America's one genuinely likable conservative." Really? The only one? Only at a liberal publication could such smug silliness be written so un-self-consciously. And only a liberal would hold up an iconoclastic Trotskyist like Christopher Hitchens as a Medusa's head to prove to critics that his magazine isn't liberal.
I have no recollection of whether I blogged about that article or not, but I do remember thinking the same thing. Also, I didn't know that Slate editor Jacob Weisberg is philosophically opposed to fact-checking. He says it makes writers lazy. That makes some things a lot clearer now.

Update: Eugene Volokh gets a platform too. He has three suggestions:
1. Use Your Medium—Link to Original Documents...
2. Use Your Medium—Provide Better Corrections...
3. Watch Your Genre—Stay Serious Without Being Too Serious.


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