Monday, June 12, 2006

Who wants to take me on?!

I was skimming through the LA Times opinion page, when I came across Jonathon Chait, a name I recognize either from Slate or Salon, so I clicked. It began thusly:
A FEW WEEKS ago, I wrote a column about a paper that decimated the conservative worldview.
He's not kidding. Well, I don't know whether the paper decimated the conservative worldview or not-- didn't see any headlines on Drudge -- but he certainly feels like he has. His column complains that conservatives won't debate him on this, except for a few weak attempts at NRO, and this is clearly because they have no substantive points to make!

Citing a new study, he argues that cutting taxes increases government spending. I'm not qualified to argue one way or another. But I'm qualified to be highly amused by his assumptions that conservatives are silenced by him, instead of perhaps ignoring him.


Anonymous Luther said...

The following article by Thomas Sowell seems to support this theory. He states that "cutting tax rates increases tax revenues".

9:55 AM  
Blogger Nancy said...

Interesting point. I've heard that theory before and the evidence seems to be bearing it out right now. So the theory would go, cutting tax rates increases tax revenues which in turn increases government spending. Hmmmm.

11:29 AM  
Anonymous Luther said...

It's interesting to me that both a conservative and a liberal are bringing this up with both claiming the other side won't acknowledge it.

But that aside the lesson is clear – if one wants to cut the size of the government in half then double the tax rate!!!! Conversely, if one wants to double the size of the government then cut the tax rate in half!!! Simple and intuitive to the most casual of observers!! :)

12:45 AM  

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