Sunday, August 13, 2006

Abby Cadabby

I've often wondered why Sesame Street didn't have any lead female muppets, and I chalked it up to the physicality of upper arm strength it takes to manipulate a muppet while giving it voice. Turns out I was wrong. Sesame Street producers apparently couldn't think of a politically correct way of personifying a female muppet without fear of stereotyping. (Scroll to the very bottom.)


Blogger Mike in S.A. said...

I always thought it had to do with liberals being sexist hypocrites.

3:47 PM  
Anonymous luther said...

Hmmm. Well that is certainly an interesting comment. I never knew that Sesame Street was produced by liberal sexist hypocrites.

Being raised Baptist and attending a Baptist University, I have personally witnessed plenty of sexism, racism, and hypocrisy amongst “traditionalists” and “religious conservatives”.

So while there are certainly sexist hypocrites whom could be classified as “liberal”, I have personally known numerous sexist hypocrites who classified themselves as “conservative”.

10:28 PM  

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