Monday, August 21, 2006

Flex fuel

I just have the feeling I should link and blog about yesterday's Washington Post article, though I have little to add. It's all about Brazil's switching to sugar-cane-based ethanol fuel and how U. S. automakers are researching and developing flex-fuel technologies. A few weeks ago, there was a WSJ article on the same, which highlighted the President's interest in it. Momentum's growing, I guess. My husband is very encouraged by this kind of thing and posted some information at his office on which cars can take flex fuel and where it is being sold near his office. Right now, it's cheaper than unleaded. Hmm... I'll ask him to send me the list.


Anonymous Ricky Bobby said...

Ask him if anyone is developing sugar-cane-based Nitro? I could really use some!!!

2:16 PM  

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