Wednesday, August 30, 2006


I found this bloggingheads discussion between economist Dan Drezner and Micky Kaus framed the left-right debate on Walmart fairly well, although I think it's not much of a debate.


Anonymous luther said...

What's up with these guys being so civil to each other? Where's the comments like:
Con: "Oh that's so typical of you WACKO LIBERALS!"
Lib: "Look you mean mannered selfish conservative PIG!".
Con: "Since you don't like Walmart I guess you don't like our troops either!!!!"
Lib: "I do support our troops and I want to bring them home - but not to shop at Walmart!"
Con: "Why don't you get a brain!!"
Lib: "I'm made of rubber ... you're made of do-do!!"

All kidding asside they seemed to agree much more than they disagreed. A little slow but interesting.

11:24 AM  
Blogger Nancy said...

Try this one between NRO's Byron York and The Nation's David Corn over Plamegate. It's much livelier.

You're right -- both Drezner and Kaus are very civil. Also, Drezner is a Republican whereas Kaus is a moderate-to-conservative democrat. As neither are extremists, they don't make for very confrontational television, but I did like the way they framed the Walmart debate: Dems seeing it as an employee issue; Repubs seeing it as a consumer issue.

Non sequiter: Betty White stars on Boston Legal w/ William Shatner. That roast on Comedy Central was hilarious!

3:41 PM  
Anonymous luther said...

Byron York and David Corn - BORRRIIINNNG!! Yak yak yak and never a substantive comment - just like most of the televised political shows. "You're a do-do head!" "No you are!"

I found the first link much more interesting and refreshing.

2:55 PM  

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