Sunday, September 24, 2006

"Unlike my parents' mortgage, not only is mine not paid off, I have decades of payments ahead of me from my most recent refinancing."

Here's an open and honest column by a business writer for the Washington Post who's just turning 60, has decades left on her newly refinanced mortgage, and was just laid off. She's going to make learning how to prepare for retirement the subject of her future contract columns with WaPo.

Interesting that a business writer couldn't manage her own personal finances. I'm going to try to follow her columns to see what I can learn.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Unbelievable article! Obiouvsly Martha Hamilton, the writer of the piece, ignored the writer's rule of thumb -write about what you know. Its somewhat incredulous that an apparently well-educated woman with her head in the business world has been unsuccessful in not only taking stock but managing her personal finances and ensuring (as best as one is able) a comfortable retirement. There are basic, common sense steps every employed middle-aged person must responsibly take in order to know they will not end up on the streets or perhaps worse, asking their children if they can take them in because they didnt' plan ahead. There is an utter proliferation of financial information available, written at all levels of understanding, and endless resources to avail oneself of.

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