Saturday, October 14, 2006

I blame my stomach ache on the elections!

I wish I'd been more politically cognizant when Democrats were the majority party in the Congress and the White House. My understanding is the Republicans took over Congress on an anti-corruption campaign.

If that's true then one lesson to be learned amid the seemingly unending tales of current scandals in Washington, is that the party in power will be corrupted. So where are we? There's former Rep. Duke Cunningham from California; there's Rep. Bob Ney (I believed him!) from Ohio; and there's Rep. Mark Foley from Florida. Not to mention Tom Delay, although the jury's still out on that one, and the possible cover-up of Foley's advances on teenagers by the Speaker's office (jury still out). Plus, I think there are some other Republican scandals that aren't coming to mind or the first Google page of my search. Anyone?

Of course, the Democrats have their own troubles: Rep. William Jefferson from Louisiana (though from what I heard on Fox yesterday, he looks to re-elected); Rep. Allan Mollohan from West Virginia; Senator Harry Reid from Nevada. Who am I missing?

What strikes me most about the scandals is that most of this garbage doesn't seem connected or conspiratorial, but discrete incidents. That's one thing to hold on to while I sink into the lazy voter's funk of "they're all corrupt!"

Another thing that strikes me this election season is how intensely personal it all is, how much voters seem to care about personalities, politically-correct (or incorrect) pasts. People like to blame politicians and the media for this kind of mud-slinging, but if voters didn't lap it up, politicians probably wouldn't dish it out. On the other hand, is it voters or the media who lap it up? Or both? I'm not sure.

Update: Rep. Jim Gibbons of Nevada, Repbublican ($).


Anonymous cheer leader said...

we want an election maker not a bellyacher!!!
we want an election maker not a bellyacher!!!
we want an election maker not a bellyacher!!!
we want an election maker not a bellyacher!!!


11:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Geesh. God bless America....please!


9:41 PM  

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