Friday, October 20, 2006

If I read the WSJ I'll be smarter!

I am lately trying to sharpen--or even find--my critical-thinking skills. This is not an easy task because I'm a very emotional person and emotions block critical thinking. Here's a WSJ ($) column on the subject:
Critical thinking means being able to evaluate evidence, to tell fact from opinion, to see holes in an argument, to tell whether cause and effect has been established and to spot illogic. "Most research shows you can teach these skills," notes cognitive psychologist D. Alan Bensley of Frostburg State University, Maryland. "But critical-thinking skills are different from critical-thinking dispositions, or a willingness to deploy those skills."
See, I think I lack the disposition. Am I trying to make myself into something I'm not?


Anonymous luther said...

Maybe you’re being too critical of yourself? Or possibly you’re too emotionally involved with the subject matter of yourself to think critically about the topic of your disposition? :)

11:46 PM  
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