Tuesday, October 31, 2006

My kindergartener is drug free!

Last week my daughter had to wear a red ribbon to school every day as a show of her pledge to stay drug free throughout her life. She's five years old. She told me she was going to stay away from wine and beer, which made me nervously eye the bottles I'd bought on a recent trip to Sam's. (They're less expensive there and the town recently voted to allow grocer stores and the like to sell wine and beer!)

Anyway, "Jane Galt" has some amusing thoughts on the subject:

Kids binge drink because they are gigantic bundles of anxious energy, and drinking allows them to free their id from its neurotic chains for a while without social consequences. Well, I mean, there are social consequences, of course, but you can get away with setting cars on fire or sleeping with half the track team with surprisingly little social opprobrium.

We like to think we have outgrown these urges, but honestly, we're all too tired to do those things. Plus our thoughts have gotten much more interesting since we stopped thinking about ourselves every waking minute, except for the few seconds when we stopped to anxiously contemplate what others were thinking about us. So there's a higher cost to dulling them with alchohol. But let's not underestimate the impact of mortgages and acid reflux in keeping us sober.



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