Thursday, October 19, 2006

"packs of teenage girls wearing some version of a skin tight low-rise style that left them with rings of muffin-top waist fat"

I'm frustrated that Jill Hudson Neal, in this WaPo piece, doesn't see the answer to her question--why do so many women hold onto their mom jeans--in her own column. The answer is found in her observation about teenagers' "muffin-top waist fat" that I used for the title of this post. Women carry their fat right where the low-waist jean ends on the hips. Whether they fit appropriately or not, you can still feel the jiggle of your body fat bouncing over the edges of your jeans. And not only that, I've had a heckuva time finding looooooooong t-shirts to cover the skin there, should I need to bend down or over or sit on the floor, say with my toddler at the library.

Actually, I found a nice one at Ann Taylor Loft outlet for about $25. That's way too much! Bought it anyway. Yesterday, I bought one at Target for $14, which is still a lot of money considering the piece I'm buying--a sleeveless, ribbed, cotton undershirt. It should sell for under $10 if you ask me.

But I bought my low-rise jeans last year when they'd already been around a while, and it's taken this long for me to find the appropriate-length t-shirts to go with.

Neal must have slim hips or she would have addressed this crucial issue in the ever-important topic of designing clothes for moms.

I go sleep now.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nancy, you must read the horrifying Newsweek article on the new subzero sizes coming out... this is the sort of thing that makes all normal women shudder. Because I still have yet to meet any man who actually believes protruding bones are a turn on. I heard What Not to Wear maven, Stacy London, say that all jeans are meant to be taken to the tailor to be altered but who has the time? Who has the inclination? We just want to find that one pair that fits, makes the ass look good, and covers up the essentials. And that is a day's work in itself and how dare anyone ask 'What's for dinner?' when all energies have been expended toward denim.

p.s. I love Ann Taylor's Loft.


10:29 PM  
Blogger Nancy said...

I watch What Not to Wear too--American and British version.

The other thing about getting your jeans tailored, is the cost. It brings the price of a $30 pair of jeans up to what--$40?

I have not read about the subzero sizes! I would think it's a very small, niche market, and a shrinking market as well. On the other hand, sizes stay inconstant. I'm a full pant-size smaller at Ann Taylor Loft then I am at the Gap. It makes me suspicious.

7:18 AM  

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