Friday, December 15, 2006

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Here's an interesting post by Althouse (does my blog seem like All Althouse All the Time sometimes?) on why even though she's mostly a liberal she criticizes liberals more often than conservatives.
The key thing about me is that I am -- usually -- writing from my remote outpost in Madison, Wisconsin. My milieu is thoroughly liberal and even leftist and has been for more than two decades. Things in the news catch my attention because they resonate with my observations in my real world life. I know the way people talk about things around here. I have a sense of how liberal and lefty folks react to things, and I am used to reacting to them. I take them seriously. They are quite real to me. They irritate, amuse, and confound me on a daily basis. I feel the urge to push back.

Conservatives? I don't know them. I know a few, but they are very amiable, moderate souls who -- maybe because they are the ones who choose to live in Madison -- don't say things that resonate with the news stories I read and, consequently, I don't have as vivid a response to the thing I read about conservatives.
This rings true for me and perhaps for a frequent commenter here who likes to criticize conservatives (you know who you are!), but I can see why it gets on our partisan friends' nerves. Bob Wright loses it yet again (about a quarter of the way in--I'm technologically incapable of creating a dingalink) in trying to convince Mickey Kaus that he's a conservative, not a liberal. Thing is, with Mickey, he is living among liberals, so his need to criticize liberals does not stem from the same place as Althouse's. He says it's born of a natural curiosity.


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Anonymous William Jefferson Clinton said...

Yes you got me Yummy Mamma – I do like to criticize conservatives from time to time. Sometimes I just can't help myself.

Best regards,
(Not to mention hugs and gropes!)

3:07 PM  
Anonymous luther said...

I really liked these words from Tim at the Althouse link:

... one of the biggest problems for both liberals and conservatives is the failure of participants to restrain their passions, to conduct themselves in an adult manner. Politics is for far too many people an unrestrained exercise in which one's mind is turned off before entering the arena. Some of this is expected due to the passions in which we hold our values, but at another, deeper level it corrodes like acid the glue that should ideally hold us together as Americans.

Say something like this to a partisan liberal and they will label you an evil conservative. Say something like this to a partisan conservative and they will label you a bleeding heart liberal. Do these partisans deserve criticism - yip!!

11:35 AM  
Blogger Nancy said...

I liked that comment too and nearly posted it here!

But then I thought, ah, who in this louse-y feverish world is paying attention to the comments of an Althouse reader besides me?

Glad to know someone.

12:09 PM  

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