Thursday, December 14, 2006

Merwy Chwissmas

A day when three Christmas cards arrive is a good one indeed. As I posted below, we decorated the tree last night. Today at our local library's Toddler Time, my two-year-old kept correcting a preschooler on the correct pronunciation of 'Christmas.'

She kept repeating saying, "Merry Kissmas," and he kept correcting her, "No! It's Merry Chwissmas!"

So, tonight, with the kids too little to watch prime time television, we're sitting around singing Chwissmas carols. Emma knows precisely three and Brendan only knows the Alphabet Song, so he keeps shouting, "No -- ABC's! ABC's!" Well, we indulged him finally and he refused to join in with us, just tapped his feet. Just tapped his feet!

Well, I don't have to take that, although it is better than his usual, "No singing, Mom," which recently prompted me to say to my husband that I'm going to have to join a church again so that I can join a choir and have a place to sing. I love singing. For me, it's a very soothing experience.

But enough about me--it's bedtime for the kids and ...The Office tonight!!!!!!!!



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