Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Things look a bit different on my end

For instance, I'm now able to label my posts. I may label this one musings (ala Peg Hill) or family or home stuff.

I have a few new buttons, but they do the same old thing. I'll check into the RSS feed, though, thanks for asking.

I had a fascinating way of describing my kitchen floor after it hasn't been swept for a few days, but now it seems less fascinating. I call it medieval floor because in all the period-piece movies I've seen, dining halls don't seem all that clean. The floor hits critical mass when I can't take two steps without hearing a crunching noise beneath my feet, and then no matter what, I sweep.

I don't mind the chore so much as I mind cleaning up after others. I want to be more than just a cleaning lady around here and I'm appalled that so much of early childhood mothering involves just that. It's my inner little sister rearing her freckled head. I did a lot of cleaning up after siblings when I was a kid and shirked it as a grown up.

But I also don't like nagging, so if my husband doesn't pick up his stuff, things tend to stay as they are until, well, as I'd said before, things hit critical mass.

Got a 4:15 wake up call this morning from my two year old. I woke up before he even put his hand on our door knob. Go back to bed! I said firmly. "Cos ...cos ...where my sof banket?" Oh, well, if his sof banket is missing, I'll get up and fill out a missing sof banket report and file it with the sof banket division of the local police department. Or just look under his other blankets and tuck him back in.

So, funny thing about waking up too early--you don't actually get that sleepy feeling again until thirty minutes before the alarm goes off. So you waste two hours willing yourself to sleepiness and by the time you get there, it's time to get up.

But you knew that already, and so did I, so I'll waste no more time here going on about it. It's time to get about the business of the day.



Anonymous larry flynt said...

You know I like to frequent Bystander because it promotes wholesome family values. And now here you are talking smut about how things look on your "end". Shocking!

We all I can say is "where are the photos honey momma"!??

5:28 PM  
Anonymous kathy said...

dof banket graf made me laugh out loud, you are hilarious

also, this post reminded me to send you a poem that reminded me of you guys

8:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh gosh, what memories you bring back.. how many nights were interrupted by little voices, crawling under cribs and small beds in the dark looking for nuks and bankies, or another glass of water or ...or...finally followed by No More, kisses hugs, and hoping that the same little voice didn't follow you down the hallway as you went back to your bed...I swear a sound night's sleep comes when they move out.

11:06 PM  

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