Friday, January 05, 2007

Has the AP been vindicated?

Jamil Hussein apparently exists.

So it appears Jamil Hussein may be real. Good. that means there is a real person to question regarding 61 mostly uncorroborated stories provided as exclusives by Hussein to the Associated Press.

This includes the story that made him (in)famous, where Hussein and the AP claimed 24 people were killed--six by being pulled from a mosque, doused in kerosene, and purposefully burned alive, where the other 18 merely died in an "inferno" at another mosque under attack--during a series of four mosque attacks. In later AP stories, the four mosques trickled down to one, and 18 of the 24 dead mysteriously disappeared, without the Associated Press releasing a retraction or a correction.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm not sure I can explain this clearly but this entire Jamil Hussein mess always reminds me just how much undue influence and perhaps 'leverage' the media has in this situation/war/occupation in/with Iraq. Its staggering when one realizes the scope of their reach and always makes me doubt the verascity of most reports. Its almost as if its a tragic shell game and war of the media. The whole thing just baffles me.


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Anonymous luther said...

This reminds me a little of the stupid emails that people frequently get that are just made-up crap but the average reader initially accepts it as truth. For example there was an email my mom forwarded to me that had several “interesting facts” the last of which said “most people have swallowed a spider while sleeping”. Sounds creepy at first, until you start asking things like how would anyone know anything like that. If a person swallows a spider in their sleep they don’t know it, and there also isn’t anyone watching or filming “most people” as they sleep, I’ve never heard of people getting their stomachs pumped and out comes the itsy bitsy spider – so this seems to be just a stupid story someone made up and sends out on the internet for kicks.

So with Jamil Hussein – if he is responsible for stories like this what is his motivation? Does he somehow think stories like this will make American’s want to bail on Iraq? Is it an attempt to further the sectarian violence and escalate civil war? Is he just a jerk that likes to tell lies and see how many people buy it? Something else?

And does the AP participate in fabricating these stories? Or are they getting duped by their sources and just passing false stories along like people forwarding the stupid chain-mails? Or both?

Regardless it is very poor reporting, and it is very disconcerting that complete lies like this can get broadcast to the public.

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