Friday, January 05, 2007

INIraq Bill

One of my favorite bloggers has embedded himself with a U.S. Marine unit in Iraq. He posts updates on his blog and here's his first piece for the Washington Examiner:

Within five minutes of arriving at the Fallujah-Iraqi Police Station headquarters, I was welcomed by the sound of shouts and hurried footsteps. An Iraqi policeman had been shot at the northwest perimeter of the station — a sniper had found his mark.

A crowd of Iraqis carried the groaning victim up the station’s main staircase and placed him on a litter hurriedly set down on the floor of the second-story hallway. A crowd of Iraqi Police and Marines coalesced, only to be shooed away by two Navy corpsmen rapidly assessing the gaping exit wound in the man’s stomach.

Reminds me of some stories my stepfather-in-law has told me. He was a Navy hospital corpsman (and later officer) who served two tours of Vietnam, once with the Navy and once with the Marines.

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