Friday, February 09, 2007

HPV vaccine

Yes, Texas Governor Rick Perry signed a law making it mandatory for all school girls, unless, apparently if their parents object on religious or moral grounds, or something else.

I dunno. Pharmaceutical companies are in business to get rich as are all other businesses. The link between Perry and the lobbyist is not bothering me so far either. That's the way it works, doesn't it? You either are or work for an elected official until you quit or get tossed out of office and then you lobby. Nobody goes back to teaching, do they? Maybe some do. I actually have no idea.

Anyway, there's a round up of links here in the comments section. Scroll down--apparently my state senator is crying foul, as this order seems to have skipped the legislative process, which seen seems odd.

More here via Instapundit.

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Anonymous luther said...

I like this comment from one of the links:

No doubt HPV and cervical cancer are serious problems. But there are a lot of unanswered questions still about the effectiveness of Gardasil. And the money trail here doesn't leave me feeling at all certain that Perry has the well being of Texas women first and foremost in his mind.

Companies wanting to get rich is one thing ... passing laws that force consumers to use their products so they can get rich is another.

1:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

HPV is not contagious, as are all other diseases requiring vaccinations. Also, because of the non-contagious aspect and the fact that one must willfully choose situations in order to contract it, this makes me more suspect of the lobbyists and pharm. company... and their agenda behind this. In this political climate, its a sure buck. I don't think it will cause girls to become sexually active or promiscuous - this is a stupid line of thinking, but I do think it is invading the parents' authority of medical decisions re their daughters.

I would rather see the efforts go to something more universally threatening. I'm just tired of parents' authority and decisions continually being overidden by the govt.


7:11 PM  

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