Friday, February 23, 2007

Trent Lott beclowns himself

Apparently, he's mad as hell at State Farm, and being in a powerful position, he's not gonna take it anymore!
Mr. Lott's beachfront property in Pascagoula -- one of three homes he owned -- was swept away entirely by Hurricane Katrina's waters. Like many Gulf Coast residents, Mr. Lott was soon reminded by his insurer, State Farm, that his policy only covered wind damage -- not flood damage. The senator surely knew that, which is why he'd also purchased federal flood insurance. According to his flood policy that was in effect when Katrina hit, he was covered up to $350,000 in flood damages, and he presumably collected in full. (Sen. Lott's office didn't return my call.)

State Farm, however, refused to cough up, inspiring Mr. Lott to embark on a campaign ripped straight out of the Democratic playbook. First was to pay a call to the favorite mob squad of the left, the plaintiffs' bar. Quicker than you can say "tort reform," Dickie Scruggs, the legal kingpin who engineered Mississippi's tobacco shakedown, was representing Mr. Lott in a high-profile lawsuit against State Farm.
And there's more to be proud of.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I read the full article and what a conflicting reaction - is this an abuse of power......or an example of power being to used to benefit the many?!


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