Saturday, March 17, 2007

I weigh in on Plame!

I had no idea how the trial would turn out, though my feeling is Libby wasn't trying to out a covert CIA agent. One thing that always annoys me about the Wilsons is their flashiness. Her hair is too blond to be believed and Wilson's hair is too feathery. Add his hairstyle to his flashy suits and these two aren't trustworthy.

Don't click away. I can make my case! The whole Vanity Fair spread bugged the C*#H%I out of me, so I looked it up.

On October 5 of 2003, Larry Curly Joe Wilson goes on Meet Tim Russert and announces:
And my wife has made it very clear that—she has authorized me to say this—she would rather chop off her right arm than say anything to the press and she will not allow herself to be photographed.
On November 8 2003 (one month later), the Wilsons pose for a Vanity Fair spread for the January 2004 issue. Valerie is wearing a disguise that could fool only viewers of the original TV series Batman.

Turns out Russert's wife is a special correspondent for Vanity Fair. Coincidente? I think not! What does this mean? One thing for sure--it's a small, small, small media world and you and I dear reader? We're merely bystanders.

PS If she's so covert, why hasn't Richard Armitage been arrested? But then, she's not a lawyer and can't be bothered with the legal definition.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Of course one can't know for sure, but studying the 'disguise' of Plame in the photo, and as one woman scrutiznizing another, her 'disguise' is less of a you'll-never-guess-my-identity as much as it is a 1950's glamour shot a la Grace Kelly sporting around Monte Carlo. Something disenguous about this part, anyway, of their colorful life.


1:00 PM  
Blogger Nancy said...

her 'disguise' is less of a you'll-never-guess-my-identity as much as it is a 1950's glamour shot

Precisely! They are a dog and pony show.

1:34 PM  
Anonymous Valerie Plame said...

Stop hating me just because I'm beautiful!!!

4:33 PM  
Blogger Mike in S.A. said...

Joe and Valerie are representative of everything wrong with the State Department and the CIA. Both agencies have long outlived their usefulness.

Also, would someone please pull Mr. and Mrs. Vanity Fair off the stage? Their fifteen minutes are up!!

7:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would buy Plame's disguise as serious if it were Groucho glasses and moustache.


1:16 PM  

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