Friday, March 09, 2007

Office phile, I

Here's something new NBC is trying (WSJ $):
In an unusual experiment aimed at improving ratings for reruns, NBC next week plans to air two previously seen half-hour episodes of "The Office" that have been re-edited into a new hour-long show. Some scenes will be cut so producers can weave in unaired footage that introduces a new storyline into the older episodes.
It's going to be called a "newpeat." Networks are struggling with the ratings of repeats. Last night NBC aired two repeats of The Office, which I watched and enjoyed again, but I skipped the repeat of My Name is Earl because with that show, once is enough.

The article specifically cites ABC's Desperate Housewives as fairing poorly on repeat nights. I skip that show in repeats too because it's plot-driven, and fast-paced at that. Once I know the story line, I don't need to go back to enjoy the acting.

However I will watch repeats of Miami CSI or CSI New York because the plots are complex enough (and the sound engineering is annoying enough) that I miss plenty of dialog and story curves so that I can watch it a second time and feel pulled along enough to enjoy the acting.

My only concern about the newpeat for The Office is the new story line they create with cutting room floor footage. It needs to be good enough to keep viewers wanting more. Here's my favorite quote about The Office fans from the article:
"Their loyalty must be rewarded somehow, and we don't have the budget to send out 10 million muffin baskets," says Executive Producer Greg Daniels.
I don't know ...muffins or new episodes ...I could go either way on this.

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