Friday, June 22, 2007

What is there to say?

Via Bradley J. Fikes, who has done all the footwork on this, comes a list of 144 journalists (almost all Democrats) outed for political contributions. This has been a no-no in journalism for a long time now. My recollection at j-school is that most major media outlets have policies which don't allow this. (Because journalists don't have an opinion when it comes to politics, right? That's why their stories are always so fair, right?) But Fikes also draws our attention to some of the comments from said journalists.

The ethics columnist for the New York Times and NPR, Randy Cohen: "Cohen said he thought of as nonpartisan and thought the donation would be allowed even under the strict rule at the Times.?"

Got that? He doesn't think is partisan!

But like Bradley, I think Samuel J. Favate has got to win the contest of mind-numbing obtuseness. (That's a copy of his webpage, as it was apparently taken down.) Here's how Bradley writes it:

"Here's Favate's take on corporate America:
"These are the people who are really in charge. It's in their best interests to keep the middle-and lower-classes down and to maintain the medieval political system that the Republicans furnish. It has gotten to the point where you cannot find one aspect of your life that is not somehow controlled or influenced by the corporate machine."

And speaking of Republicans and conservatives, Truth-to-Power Sam says this:

Ann Coulter and the right-wing punditocracy: the lowest form of human life yet detected.

Right-wing radio: Simple tools of the Republican propaganda machine who contribute to the dumbing-down of America and do so to keep the masses uneducated and fearful. Their historical counterparts are from Stalinist Russia.

Hear that, Comrade Coulter? Get busy! You've got 20 million or so kulaks to kill!

At the end of his list of hates, Favate adds ominously, lest any Stalinist rightwingers be reading: "You can be sure that I will be adding to this list from time to time, so try not to piss me off."

So this guy loves The Boss, hates ads, hates Republicans and hates corporate America. He's a radical rock critic, right? No, he's an editor at Dow Jones Newswires, deep in the belly of the fascist corporate beast."
Bold added, as I can think of nothing else to say, except that, there's plenty more to be offended by this guy.



Blogger Bradley J. Fikes said...

Thanks for the plug, Nancy!

Although I feel more sorrow for Favate now than outrage. The Dedman article points out that Favate's editor gig is not nearly as sweet as it sounds:

Favate rewrites press releases for Dow Jones Newswires in New Jersey, which may explain his views that corporate America is "really in charge."

But just when I got to feeling a bit sorry for the dude, I glanced at his contributions: more than $1,000 to defeat Bush. The guy may be a hack at the bottom rung of journalism, but he's apparently a well-paid hack.

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