Thursday, July 12, 2007

Whole Foods Sock Puppetry

I think it would be more fun, for consumers, if the Whole Foods CEO posted comments under his own name. Wouldn't that be a kick? If a CEO of one of your favorite companies just showed up posting comments now and then on a blog or site your frequented, and he/she could and would (and should) ignore flamers--well, that would be great PR.

Of course, the place I want to go to is not quite finished being built. It's actually a "A Sociopolitical and Ecological Clarity Bar." The owner does not allow comments on his site, but I'd seriously make a fifth trip this summer to see his place, Soytopia.
Admittedly, my informal poll on the bar's concept resulted in a less than red-hot response. I'm clearly going to have to host some workshops and "theme nights," to keep things going during the critical first six months.

You can make it happen, Pat!

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Anonymous Bob Dole said...

Where's the outrage?!?

3:39 PM  
Anonymous Luther said...

Did someone say "sock puppetry"?

10:29 AM  

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