Thursday, August 09, 2007

Slate on the Beauchamp affair

Thanks to James at The Festering Swamp, I found this food for thought from Phil Carter at Slate:
The lesson here is that in war reporting, as with all reporting, you can certainly use anonymous sources, but only with the proper due diligence. Further, editors should balance the need for anonymous sourcing with the value of a story published
And also, I think, when using anonymous sources, the reporter must have other corroborating evidence to give the reader confidence in the story and let the reader decide on its veracity. Otherwise, the reader must accept it on the faith of the writer and the editors. The New Republic's anonymous sources against The Weekly Standard's anonymous sources. The Army has said that the investigation proved Beauchamp's stories to be false, but with a lid on their investigation, readers are left less than satisfied.



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