Monday, September 24, 2007

Another paranoid!

Via Instapundit. Roger L. Simon is batting for my team. And in an update points us to this statement from Moveon's Eli Paiser:

According to the Public Editor, "the group should have paid $142,083."
Now that the Times has revealed this mistake for the first time, and
while we believe that the $142,083 figure is above the market rate paid by
most organizations, out of an abundance of caution [Good to know they are a cautious group!] we have decided to pay
that rate for this ad. We will therefore wire the $77,083 difference to the
Times tomorrow (Monday, September 24, 2007).
And here's the public editor: paid what is known in the newspaper industry as a standby
rate of $64,575 that it should not have received under Times policies.
The group should have paid $142,083. The Times had maintained for a
week that the standby rate was appropriate, but a company spokeswoman
told me late Thursday afternoon that an advertising sales
representative made a mistake.The answer to the second question
is that the ad appears to fly in the face of an internal advertising
acceptability manual that says, “We do not accept opinion
advertisements that are attacks of a personal nature.” Steph Jespersen,
the executive who approved the ad, said that, while it was “rough,” he
regarded it as a comment on a public official’s management of his
office and therefore acceptable speech for The Times to print.
Hmmm...that's some low level of acceptable speech. I wonder if this would be publishable at the Times: Senator Clinton or Senator Bit Him; President Obama or President Osama? Not really on point of anything, but a creative type could make an argument.

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