Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Long, hot day in Iraq

Here's a caption from Michael Yon's recent dispatch:
The house was abandoned. American Soldiers cleared it. (Four soldiers from the Brigade were killed in August when a building exploded.) This yard is maintained, but where are the people? We were probably going to get attacked.
After a firefight, three soldiers' veins collapsed from the heat. Before the fight, one American soldier shot into an area where other American soldiers were known to be. By the end of the mission, which was to hunt al Qaeda in an urban setting, Yon was exhausted:
...after two days and two missions where mistakes were made, where some men died and others dropped from a heat so intense that it wavered and blurred the already fine line between friends and enemies, where new alliances between soldiers and former enemies were tested under the fire of combat, these soldiers were not so tired or so worn from the heat to let their standards flag: they were all over that Soldier who did.



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