Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Test post

Blogger is judging my last post (a fairly innocuous one about family life) and refusing to publish. So, here is a test post to see if this one is also refused.

Update: Hmmm...why is the other post being denied?

Update II: Hey! It did post. I'd started it days ago and didn't change the time stamp, so it's further down the page.



Anonymous carol said...

That's Blogger!

6:24 PM  
Blogger gcotharn said...

Well, you probably know this, but...

I start posts all the time, then publish them later. If you switch blogger from "Compose" mode, then to "Edit Html" mode, you can cut and paste into the "Edit Html" of a new post, and your new post will show up at the top of your blog, as you want it to.

And now you can ridicule me for giving such simplistic instructions which anyone would naturally know(except me, for I often need simplistic computer instruction).

1:17 PM  

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