Thursday, October 18, 2007

Crazy week

Busiest woman in Flow Mo. Also, am trying to learn "More Guitar Songs in the Key of G." So, you know I don't have time for the blog. I hate to neglect Bystander, but alas, it's at the bottom of the list right now.

My freelance life is cluttering my thoughts and sucking the creative juices from these very fingertips. I'm off to seek some truth in a glass of red. I'll raise a toast to you, dear reader. And, oh yeah--I'm in a cabin by the lake this weekend, thinking of you and getting fat on s'mores.

Good night.

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Blogger Dana said...

One of your nicest posts, Nancy. Simple, kind, you.

...Just revel in those s'mores, honey and see if you're morphing from one shape to another as we speak!

10:05 PM  
Anonymous allan said...

Oh, I get it now. I thought it was one of those drinking games...Hey, y'all, let's all have shtand up and run around the table and have s'more wine.

7:25 PM  
Blogger Nancy said...

That, too, allan.

1:47 PM  

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