Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Keeping Tabs

I'm starting to compulsively leave tabs open, as though I will get back to that read sometime soon. Yes--that's an important article, I need to get back to that. Current open tabs: World News--WSJ, Kausfiles--Hollywood's antiwar fizzle?, Froggie Went A-courtin Chords by Bruce Springsteen, Opinion Journal Best of the Web, Yahoo News: Driven people may avoid Alzheimer's, NYT's--Girls Are Often Neglected Victims on Concussions, and of course, my little blogger page posting this now.

I skim the WSJ headlines for something interesting, I check in on Mickey. I'm picking up the guitar after 20 years, hence Froggie Went A-Courtin'. I don't read BOTW everyday anymore; I'm not sure why. I'm skeptical of the meme in the Alzheimer's article because my mom who suffers from it was very intellectually active. And the girls with concussions article spoke to me because I had a concussion as a little girl, but other than that there's not much interest in it.

I see the open tabs as a non-committal personality feature of mine--yes, that's interesting. I should look into that subject matter. Eh, better get the laundry started. Make the bed, I guess. Well, well, Andrew Breitbart is a co-creator of the Huffington Post? Interesting. Oh, I should make my grocery list. But wait--I wanted to touch up the paint this morning. I'll do that first. Hey--there's my guitar. Maybe I should practice!

Yes, I should definitely do that. It sets a good example for the children, and maybe it'll stave off Alzheimer's!



Blogger Dana said...

"I see the open tabs as a non-committal personality feature of mine--..."

Non-commital personality feature or just an immensely curious mind hungry to learn and fill?

9:23 PM  
Blogger Nancy said...

That's a good spin! I'll use it!

7:33 AM  
Anonymous allan said...

I always run an open tab here at Chez Alain...but I just describe it as staying above the fray. Taking the high road. Quiet elitism. Silent superiority. Anything resonating with you yet?

11:15 AM  

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