Thursday, December 20, 2007

Nobody wants to be Scrooge

But come January, somebody has to pay the bills.

I feel like HRC's grumpy husband! (The kids don't need new shoes--last year's shoes are barely beginning to fray wear thin!) Also, are these gifts to be bestowed by the president or policies to be hammered out in the legislature? I get a creepy, monarchy vibe here!

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Anonymous Vivian Louise said...

Arrrrgh!!!! Is universal pre-k going to be mandatory? Will our children be indoctrinated, made to wear Marx, Mao and Me t-shirts?

She makes me nuts, she's not frickin Santa, she has no powers of magical transmogrification to make the money for all her programs to appear in the coffers.

10:42 AM  
Blogger Dana said...

The universal pre-k bit just about sends me over the edge! How dare any assume they know what is best for the children we raise, nurture, discipline, and love. This is outrageous and yes, it is simply another way to get them indoctrinated younger and younger while limited the parental sphere of influence. (Unfortunately far too many parents are more than willing to abdicate their responsibilities and hand their small ones over to the govt.)

3:38 PM  

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